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Nuclear Energy: A Path to Dependable Carbon-Free Data Centers

Powering the ever-expanding suite of cloud software and services necessitates a surge in data center development and a heightened demand for energy.

Data center owners are looking for an affordable solution that can scale along with their business, is quick to construct, and provides reliable, baseload carbon-free power. Nuclear can play a pivotal role in delivering reliable, sustainable, baseload energy to data centers.

Nuclear Energy: A Path to Dependable Carbon-Free Data Centers dives into the benefits, challenges, and financial and implementation strategies associated with combining nuclear power generation with energy-intensive computing and data applications.

Discover how:

Modular nuclear microreactors are an emergent development in the energy space that can deliver unique advantages to the data center sector.
Long-term, fixed-price power contracts, through power purchase agreements (PPA), can further accelerate the adoption of clean, baseload energy for data centers with no up-front capital costs.
Data center owners and operators can address energy consumption challenges through nuclear technology.
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