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A new nuclear delivery model

Last Energy provides scalable solutions for customers of any size.

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Plant Render

Rapid deployment at scale

A standard, modular building approach using proven technology accelerates time to operation.

24/7 clean energy

Fast, affordable, clean baseload power provides energy security  and grid stability to accelerate growth.

Full-service delivery model

We take responsibility for all aspects of project development, from conceptual design through operation and maintenance.

Our unique delivery model

Last Energy’s full-service nuclear delivery model streamlines  development to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.


Our Behind the Meter Solution

Last Energy’s plant is sized to satisfy the needs of industrial customers.

  • No upfront capital. Customers buy electricity and heat through power purchase agreements.
  • Minimal water and land requirements. Plants can be colocated near industrial facilities.
  • No grid instability. Our private wire, baseload solution enables customers to always maintain operations.
Plant generating energy

Our Grid-Scale Solution

Last Energy enables utilities to deliver clean electrons to the grid with reliable, baseload power.

  • Fully integrated delivery model. Utilities choose their level of involvement in project development.
  • Balance sheet protection.  Manageable capital costs minimizes investment risk for utility partners.
  • Existing supply chain.  Benefit from the operating, regulatory, and supply chain familiarity of 300+ PWRs.
Plant generating energy

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