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Last Energy Advances Plans to Develop 10 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors with LSSE

Last Energy to collaborate with the Legnica Special Economic Zone to scale nuclear energy in Poland

Legnicka Special Economic Zone
Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland
Development Zone

About the Customer

Legnicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (LSSE) is a hub of industrial activity located in one of the fastest growing regions of Poland. The special economic zone is home to more than 75 companies and over 16,000 jobs.

Customer challenge

LSSE is looking to satisfy the growing demand for clean energy from their existing and new clients and investors via economically viable arrangements. 

Last Energy solution

Last Energy, and LSSE agreed to scale nuclear energy in Poland. Last Energy will develop 10 small modular reactors in the LSSE. The 10 PWR-20 facilities will provide carbon-free, baseload power and steam with high reliability of both supply, as well as prices, for end users. 

Last Energy’s unique business model is designed to make nuclear energy more accessible, more affordable and faster to deploy. To do this, they provide full-cycle nuclear project development for its customers, including design, construction, financing, service, and decommissioning. The company’s power plant leverages a proven pressurized water reactor and fully modular plant design, a unique approach that dramatically reduces the time and cost of building nuclear power plants while delivering clean baseload energy.

The agreement between Last Energy and LSSE marks a significant step toward widespread SMR deployment in Poland.

“There is a lot of talk about global problems with the lack of energy,” said Przemysław Bożek, President of the Legnica Special Economic Zone. “Potential investors are increasingly faced with a lack of availability of energy and gas in the quantities they need. This project would allow for a safe, stable and emission-free source of energy for factories located in the Zone. We are taking another step not only towards green energy, but also to strengthen energy security.”

Customer savings

  • Up to $80 million per year in energy costs (compared to maximum electricity price set by the government) 
  • 1.14 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year
Legnica Special Economic Zone and DB Energy have signed a letter of intent with Last Energy Polska.


  • Counterparty: Legnicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. 
  • Capacity: 200 MWe (10 units) 
  • Customers: New and existing investors located in the Economic Zone 
  • Interconnection: Dual interconnect to industrial facility and wholesale grid 

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