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Last Energy agrees to develop 10 of its 20 MWe micro nuclear power plants in KSSE

The special economic zone represents over 90,000 industrial jobs in sectors from automotive to metallurgy, glassware, and plastics.

Katowice Special Economic Zone
Southwest Poland
Development Zone

About customer 

Katowicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (KSSE) is a leader among special economic zones located in southwest Poland. It was established in June 1966 to support and advance restructuring processes and to generate employment in the region. 

Over 540 businesses currently operate in the zone and represent an investment of over EUR 9.6 billion and more than 90,000 industrial jobs in sectors from automotive to metallurgy,  glassware and plastics. 

KSSE offers approximately 2,750 hectares across 48 communes with 900 hectares available for investors. 

Customer challenge 

KSSE aims to provide a secure supply of carbon-free energy to power their investors’ operations today, and seamlessly scale as their power requirements increase. 

The ability to promise on-site baselaod power represents a key competitive advantage for the zone as it seeks to continue to attract leading industrial investors. 

Last Energy solution

Last Energy will develop ten 20 MWe power plants with a targeted commissioning date of 2025 and represents USD $1 billion in clean energy and infrastructure. 

Last Energy provides full-cycle nuclear project development, including design, construction, financing, and plant operations. The power will be sold under a power purchase agreement (PPA) to customers in the special economic zone. 

Customer savings:

  • Up to $80 million per year in energy costs (compared to maximum electricity price set by the government) 
  • 1.14 million tons of CO2 emissions avoided per year
Damian Jamroz (Last Energy) and Mateusz Rzeszowski (KSSE)


  • Counterparty: Katowicka Specjaina Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. (KSSE)
  • Capacity: 200 MWe (10 units) 
  • Customers: New and existing investors located in the Economic Zone 
  • Interconnection: Interconnect to the industrial park microgrid

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